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Promotional Terms & Conditions

Mogik, Inc. hereby licenses to Buyer the right to use the video custom created for the specified property in the bill of sale and licensing agreement, in its full and unmodified form, for the explicit purpose of marketing the leasing or sale of said property exclusively by the Buyer and or Buyer's brokerage and for no other purpose. The video, in its full, edited and unmodified form, may be used on any corporate website, public broadcast, streaming service, or any website hosting video for the public including YouTube and Vimeo. The brief Mogik logo animation, including all components (e.g. website notation) may not be removed from any such public display or use of the video without our explicit consent, a separate licensing agreement and payment of a separate licensing fee.


All elements of this production remain the exclusive right of Mogik, Inc. and may not be resold, reused, recompiled, streamed, or otherwise exploited for profit beyond the explicit use outlined in the paragraph above, nor may components of this video be used in any other production, whether for profit or otherwise, without our explicit written consent.

Buyer affirms that he/she has the full legal right to access and film the property that is subject to this videography, and full rights to any of the media contributed to this production, and grants the full right to Mogik, Inc. to use of all facilitated or contributed content for promotion or other purposes including the offering for sale of stock footage.

Buyer acknowledges that the customary price for professional videography, editing, music licensing, etc. for a real estate video costs in excess of $1,000, and that Mogik, Inc. is offering this reduced-fee licensing structure to allow more affordable video production to be used to promote properties that might otherwise not be afforded such investment.


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